The farm data
analytics platform.

Measure analyze and improve your food supply chain.

If you can measure.
You can solve.

Many of the largest challenges facing the food industry are caused by lack of data driven knowledge. Shipping routes remain insufficient. Insights demanded by consumers remain unavailable. An unknown disease origin forces the recall of entire inventory. With a clear understanding of every step of your supply chain, there’s no problem you can’t tackle.


  • Reduce Waste
  • Optimize inventory management

Risk Mitigation

  • Avoid huge recalls
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Reduce liability
  • Mantain brand reputation

Quality Assurance

  • Track antibiotic and hormone usage
  • Track chemical residue levels
  • Ensure highest quality

Consumer-Farmer Connection

  • Gather deep ingredient incites
  • Uphold brand promises
  • Create a direct link between farmer and consumer
  • Facilitate local-for-local strategy

Carbon Footprint

  • Meet company emission targets
  • Add value at consumer level

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The Team

Chris van den Berg CEO & Co-founder

Chris was raised on a dairy farm in the Netherlands. He’s built two successful global ag-tech ventures including the world’s first SaaS marketplace and platform for cattle trading.

Austin Padgett Director of Sales and Business Development

Chris Allison Director of Marketing

Alex Sismanis CTO & Co-founder

Alex is a Y Combinator Alumni who previously founded and was CEO/CTO for multiple cross-platform applications. He is an alumnus of both Nvidia and Nokia and studied Software Engineering & Business.

Pieter Christiaan
van Oranje Nassau Non Executive Director

Anthony Padgett Non Executive Director

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