We trace food back to the origin – the true origin.

Measure, analyze, and improve your food supply chain.

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Data Silo Integration

Tap into a hidden data.


Leverage big data analytics.

Beyond Barcode

Trace food back to its true
origin on the farm

Easy set up

No new hardware needed.

Measure. Analyze.

Our farm data analytics platform allows you to tap into useful farm data and gather deep insights on the true origin of your product.

Why Farm
Analytics Matter

If you can measure, you can solve.

The most significant challenges facing the food industry are caused by a lack of data-driven knowledge. Shipping routes remain insufficient. Information demanded by consumers remains unavailable. An unknown disease origin forces the recall of an entire inventory.

With a clear understanding of every step of your supply chain, there’s no problem you can’t tackle.

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of consumers say they are more likely to be loyal to a food brand that provides in depth product information

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of consumers say they're willing to pay 5% or more for products with in-depth product information

Beyond the barcode

Most problems in the food industries arise before a barcode is put on a package. We track back past the barcode to give you deeper insights into a product’s full journey.


•Reduce waste
•Optimize inventory management

Risk Mitigation

•Avoid huge recalls
•Lower insurance costs
•Reduce liability
•Maintain brand reputation

Quality Assurance

•Track antibiotic and hormone usage
•Trace chemical residue levels
•Ensure highest quality


•Meet company emission targets
•Add value at the consumer level

Consumer Facing Capabilities

•Gather deep ingredient insights
•Uphold brand promises
•Create a direct link between farmer and consumer
•Facilitate local-for-local strategy

Our legacy

The FarmTrace team has a storied history across the food and agriculture sector. Some of the companies we've worked with in the past include...

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