1st line support and information for 2nd line

In providing 1st line support, the minimal 1st line support requirements shall at all times be met. These requirements are set out below, as may be changed from time to time by FarmTrace upon informing Customer thereof.


FarmTrace 1st line support requirements:

  • First contact with farmer or user by phone or email.
  • Register basic information: farmer name & unique farmer number OR user name (in case of an application), specific description of issue,
  • For farm connections: ask basic questions:
    • is computer on all day?
    • is internet connection in working?
    • is latest windows update on computer running?

If Customer is responsible for the provision of 1st line support, when engaging 2nd line support, Customer shall at least provide FarmTrace or its relevant Affiliate with the information set out below:


Information requirements for 2nd line support:

  • Farmer name, address, and unique farmer number (UBN) OR user name (in case of software user)
  • Phone number
  • Description of issue, as specific as possible (system, feature, time, place, what is not working, when possible with screenshots)