About us

Independent AgTech platform

We are FarmTrace

Power of data

At FarmTrace we are dedicated to revolutionizing the animal farming industry through the power of data.

Our platform connects to a variety of on-farm systems, robots, and farm management solutions to provide actionable insights that can drive advancements in research and development, consultancy, and promote transparent and sustainable farming practices.

We are experts

Beyond technology

With a team of passionate AgTech experts, we are committed to help you in finding the optimal solution for your business. Levering our extensive industry knowledge, we have proudly served both farmers and suppliers for over 30 years.

We are committed

Driving the future

While FarmTrace may be classified as a start-up on paper, our aspirations are boundless. However, our core values lie in prioritizing our people, ensuring animal welfare, advocating for sustainable farming practices, and promoting fair dairy and meat production that benefits us all.

And yes, our love for data knows no bounds. It fuels our drive to revolutionize the animal farming industry.

What we do

Short introduction in what FarmTrace is doing.