Added Product Value

Consumer Trends

Consumers will pay more for products that come from higher quality sources. In 2016, 39% of consumers reported they would switch brands for more in-depth information. In 2018, that same figure climbed to 75%.

The demand for quality is on the rise.

of consumers would pay 5% or more for products with more in-depth information

of consumers say they would pay an extra dollar per pound of meat raised without antibiotics

Higher Margins per Unit

The result is higher prices for higher quality. If you can prove your products feature higher quality metrics, you can charge more per unit for your products.

Higher Revenue Opportunity

Quality metrics often go unrewarded. Many products sent to processors do meet higher quality standards, but the distinction is not always obvious or easy to segment. As a result, high-quality products often get lumped in with bulk shipments and the value is lost.

However, if a processor can differentiate, it can segment and sell those products with a higher value.

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