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Farm Suppliers

Animal health, herd improvement, feed, genetics, and robotics companies

Modern farm suppliers

Modern animal health, herd improvement, feed, genetics, and robotics companies are approaching a new era in technological need.

A new way of farming

More than ever before, technology is being used in animal product production that generates digitized records and information on an individual animal level.

A new need for farm suppliers

Farm suppliers rely on product feedback to inform their product development. Our technology can accelerate the product enhancement cycle by enabling timely and comprehensive access to performance information.

Our technology, coupled with our custom software services, can be used to develop tools that can strengthen relationships between farm supplier and their farmer customers.

Our farm connections are also seamless and do not disrupt farm workflows.

Farmer upside

Thousands of farmers are already part of the FarmTrace platform thanks to the obvious benefits to them enabled by our technology and value chain partnerships.  We are steadfast in our commitment to providing overwhelming value to our connected farmers.

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