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Food processor

Take the lead in your value chain

Your customers expect you to take a proactive approach to increased transparency, innovation, and sustainability. However, your success in these fields often comes down to having the right information at the right time. This may sound simple, but in practice, the right information is often difficult to find, and when available, is seldom integrated. 

Recorded events

On-farm systems can record a litany of information at the individual animal level everything from product quality to sustainability measurements. We can connect you to these on-farm records.

Make it a win-win situation

We identify the products meeting special criteria, and help you segment them out of the bulk products of mass production. The result is increased transparency in products and production for you, your customers, and consumers. The farmers also benefit through various methods.

High impact, low effort

Our technology wont require complex implementation and a continuous flow of consultants within your company. We tap into your systems without disturbing your processes, so you can keep best serving your customers.

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