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Measure outcomes and drive results for your genetics program.

All your systems
all in one place

Connect to data from all the needed farm and lab systems in real-time, all in one interface.

Track and steer
herd results

With real-time monitoring and one-click recommendations to farmers, the FarmTrace platform allows you to take an informed, data-driven approach.

Build strong
relationships with farmers

Stay connected with your farmers, even when you aren’t on-farm. Our platform allows you to form strong, long-lasting relationships with your farmers.

Generate mating advice on-farm

Generate mating
advice on-farm

Without the need for multiple trips, or numerous consultants giving delayed input, the FarmTrace platform allows you to crunch numbers and make recommendations to farmers on-premises. This streamlining allows you to sell quickly and efficiently with a results-driven approach.

Fact-based mating advice, optimal performance

Fact-based mating advice, optimal performance

Our software allows you to generate fact-based mating advice to help you help farmers meet their optimal performance. With full visibility and an algorithmic approach, helping farmers has never been easier.

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