Animal Health

Modern vets need modern tools.

Animal Health

Who we serve

Our platform gives you access to data of what might effect animal health, pulling information from a myriad of system and giving you details all the way down to the individual animal.

Animal Health

Pinpoint farms and animals to focus on

With an overview of all your farms (and every animal on each farm), our dashboards make it easy to identify any problems as they arise and keep track of treatment progress. Highlight which areas are doing well and which need more attention.

Service your farms at an unprecedented level, with unrivaled ease.

Animal Health

Generated advice and treatments

Automate your algorithms to generate advice as the need arises. When a problem arises, our system notifies your farm consultants, who can then pass along notifications along to their farmers with a push of a button. This is treatment at scale.

Animal Health

Remote treatment advice

Help more farmers with less travel. Our system allows you to monitor animal health and make recommendations remotely, often with just the press of a button. Servicing your farms has never been this easy.

Animal Health

Supercharged R&D

Our FarmTrace API allows you to connect to your farms and harness data like never before for use in research and development. Your R&D will never be the same.

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